Why is Purchasing from Mars and Finance from Venus?

We often ask ourselves the question here at i2B as to why purchasing and finance teams struggle to integrate well.  Both are strategic teams, they tackle and mange very important issues for the business they belong to, yet they often struggle to reach decisions mutually.  Sadly, they also often view each other in a negative light.  Both departments are under pressure to deliver on cost and savings, especially at a time when costs to UK business are rising – surely it makes sense for these two critical teams to live on the same planet!

To help make a harmonious working environment, more communication could prove incredibly useful.  They need to let each other know their departmental strategic goals and share their ideas for the business direction and growth.  By doing this, both teams can be aligned with their goal setting for the organisation. By both Mars and Venus becoming more understanding of each other’s role, the positive effect will undoubtedly rub off on the rest of the business.  Not only helping towards general cost savings and efficiencies, but also boosting employee engagement and morale – as both teams are working towards a common goal, increasing productivity.

Once Mars and Venus get connected with their common goals, technology can cement the relationship and get the best out of both teams working harmoniously.

This is where i2B Connect steps in.  It naturally joins those planets together – all within the cloud – if you pardon the pun!  It ensures communication of the full purchasing and supply cycle is effective both internally and externally.  Everyone can access the same information in real time – and from any device. No excuses and no more hiding behind spreadsheets!

If finance wants to stick to their ERP or finance system – that’s totally fine. i2B Connect is great with ERP systems – in fact it integrates seamlessly with all kinds.

In a world when we’re all trying to get along a bit better, isn’t it time you moved on over to a much safer planet – i2B Connect!


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