Simplify And Speed Up Your Supplier Onboarding Process Using i2B


Accelerate your supplier onboarding

Fully integrated with your ERP solution i2B accelerates your onboard new / potential suppliers through the i2B tailored workflow with full audit trail tracking, approvals and reporting.

Create your own unique questionnaires depending on the type of supplier you want to onboard. Select your departments / user who you’d want to review / score. 


The i2B Supplier Onboarding Portal

Manage Vendor Questionnaires And Assess Their responses

Your vendor will receive an invite to respond back to your onboarding request. 

The link on the invite will take them to the i2B Supplier Onboarding module where they can complete their questionnaire / upload associated documents ready for your review.

Examples of these may include due diligence questionnaires to be completed by a supplier to help an organisation assess the risk of modern slavery in your supply chain.


i2B against modern slavery
i2B Supplier Compliance

Supplier Compliance

Ensure all your suppliers adhere to your policies and the latest legislation for their country and region.

i2B helps you:

1. Assess capability
2. Manage supply contracts
3. Monitor your suppliers

Dun and Bradstreet Risk Assessment

i2B fully integrates with D&B providing the information and tools you need to assess and monitor supplier relationships and avoid costly disruptions. Powered by Dun & Bradstreet data and analytics, i2B provides critical risk indicators on more than hundreds of millions of global businesses.

The platform highlights which vendors are worthy of a relationship with your company and identifies which ones to phase out of your supplier base – before it’s too late.

i2B Dun and Bradstreet Certified
i2B Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber Risk Rating

i2B can link to D&B to gather their cyber risk rating. This assesses suppliers’ potential vulnerability to cyber threats on their internet-accessible systems and the likely impact of a breach on their financial health to help protect your organization’s supply chain and better support third-party risk management efforts.

Contract / Policy Reminders

Avoid costly lapses due to expired documents and certificates with automatic reminders. Your suppliers will be sent an automatic “due to expire” reminder. Your procurement team will also see any documents that are due to expire or have expired keeping everyone in the loop.

i2B Supplier Reminder

What i2B Supplier Onboarding Brings


You are constantly in the loop as to the status of each of your suppliers.


Remove all your manual processes for onboarding and integration with your ERP systems means no more manual entry.

Efficiency & Reduced Risk

i2B reduces the time to onboard your suppliers from weeks to days

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