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i2B Connect 2019

Are Your Suppliers Already Using i2B?

There are over 25000 suppliers using i2B globally. Explore our supplier database, by using their company name, to see if a supplier you work with is already using the i2B Vendor Portal. Please use lower case letters only.


What Is The Vendor Portal?

The vendor portal allows integrated business activities between your vendors and you through the internet. It is designed to be quick and simple to use, accessing data is easy and secure and all parties have instant visibility. It is built using simple icons and sort and search functions making it very easy to find information. Data is refreshed at frequent, periodic intervals throughout the day.

The Vendor Portal requires no software installation and can be accessed via any internet enabled device including mobile devices. Whilst there is little end user training required, we will issue how to guides and be contactable for any queries you may have.

Benefits Of The Vendor Portal

Automatic notifications of changes to your account

Notify buyers of any document acknowledgements

Real time integration to help eliminate stock outs

Improve efficiencies and effectiveness by allowing key account information promoting supplier self-service

Superior and more effective means of communication between buyer and suppliers

Reduce administration cost by eliminating the need for paper copies of orders, schedules, etc

Increasing Visibility On Things Like:

Purchase Orders and associated documents

Changes made to orders

Search through orders for a specific order or part or delivery

Deliveries made and what has been received

Daily snap shot reports

Accept, decline or query orders any time

Invoice information and the status of the invoice

Graphical analysis keeping you in the loop

Improve Buyer-Supplier Relationships

Transparency, Visibility & Accountability

Know Where You And Your Suppliers Stand

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