i2B Partnership Programme

Who We Partner With

We partner with companies and individuals for strategic benefits be they consultancies, technological organizations or ERP developers, with a generous profit sharing arrangement, while also aiding you to help your clients get more from your relationship

ERP Developers & ERP Integrators

By partnering with us, ERP developers and integrators can provide a service and a solution that goes above and beyond what an ERP systems on its own can provide.  

Technology Partner

We work with technological organizations and individuals such as IT resellers, other complementary SaaS or IT solutions, or outsourced service providers, for mutual benefit.

Consultancy Partners

For consultants and consultancies who advise on procurement related matters, or who provide services themselves in an area where i2B can help propel your level of service.

Strategic Partners

We partner with established businesses in complementary verticals so together we can serve your clients with a more holistic solution that neither of us on our own can provide.

Cultivate Additional Revenue Streams

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