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Can procurement ever be a rockstar?


Can procurement ever be a rockstar?

Procurement teams still seem to get bad rap or often get overlooked in terms of the difference they make in any organisation. Of course as a Purchase to Pay software provider and former procurement professionals ourselves, we’re going to place any purchasing manager as our lead singer on stage but let’s face it, not everyone does.

If purchasing managers were put centre stage for all gigs, surely you’d have a pretty tight band right? OK, so humour us for a bit and let’s see where the other departments fit in.

Here’s how we think a great band – ahem – company should be planning their gig.


Lead Singer

Of course we’re going to say procurement and here’s why…

  • Purchasing managers save your company money not just by negotiating prices but also on delivery, shipment costs, processing and of course choosing the best software to help you do this (shameless plug to i2B Connect here!) link
  • They’re more than just the people that negotiate deals
  • They source the right materials to get your products to the quality you need
  • They’re often the quieter ones but have a huge roar when needed!


Lead Guitar

Well it’s got to be sales right? Whilst sales think of themselves as the lead singer…in our band, they’re not!

Sales Managers all need the limelight from time to time – and often deservedly so. The odd guitar solo thrown in strokes that ego for them.

Lead guitarists and sales managers need to be strong and need to dominate from time to time, after all without them we have no revenue!


Bass Guitar

Whilst many marketing teams would say they’re in the leading light – we find marketing managers are best on bass guitar. Here’s why:-

  • Without them they’d be no tone to your brand
  • Marketing bring out the best of your business
  • Just like a bass guitarist without being too ‘in your face’ they get you to like the tune that’s being played



It has to be finance. Without that solid beat, companies as well as bands go way off course and let’s face it, sound and look pretty rubbish!

The finance manager keeps everyone on the right beat – and if your lead singer doesn’t keep in time with them, we’re all in trouble.

We could go on, our software team for example could be behind the scenes – lighting, smoke machines, lasers – but let’s leave it there for now.

So, can procurement ever be a rock star? Hell Yeah!!

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