Global supply chain

How rising inflation costs are impacting the supply chain

Burgeoning inflation costs have put pressure on many businesses throughout the world and with no end in sight, it has left supply chains faced with mounting pressure. Reducing the negative impact on service and maintaining the throughput of products while struggling to keep costs down has created substantial disruption to networks across the globe.

Rising energy costs and their impact on the supply chain

Rising energy costs and their impact on the supply chain Supply chains and their operators across the world are being faced with an unprecedented number of challenges when faced with the issue of keeping goods moving. Events like the recent pandemic, Brexit, and unexpected changes in the cost of raw materials have left many companies […]

5 benefits of using Blockchain technologies in your Procure-to-Pay Processes

5 benefits of using Blockchain technologies in your Procure-to-Pay Process By now, most people have heard of cryptocurrency, digital or virtual currencies which include coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and smaller Alt-coins. Cryptocurrency fast became an investor favourite (maybe not so much recently!) and has increasingly been adopted in business and the mainstream market. Many of […]

Availability of 3rd Party systems for your supply chain operation

May 2022 Availability of 3rd Party Systems for your supply chain Outsouring your supply chain needs to a 3rd party provider can be a cost effective way of doing business. Featuring smooth integration tools and with many software programs hosted in the cloud, the increased value and reduced cost benefits many businesses.    While 3rd […]

Why Companies Should Use Cloud-Based Supplier Onboarding

April 2022 Why Companies Should use Cloud-Based Supplier Onboarding SaaS Onboarding your suppliers with a defined and streamlined process not only ensures smooth integration with your systems but in this age of data protection legislation it can be essential to keep you in legal compliance when setting up new vendors in ERP or accounting software […]

Benefits of using punch-out catalogues

March 2022 Benefits of using punch-out catalogues  Accessing a supplier’s product range using a digital system that integrates with the buyer’s procurement software is made possible using a punch-out catalogue. These hosted catalogues allow suppliers to list their goods in a standardized format so that purchasers can easily browse and search or make price comparisons […]

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