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Partner with us

We’re actively looking to set-up partnerships with companies from around the world.

Why partner with i2B?

An i2B partnership offers:

Expert operational support: since i2B was founded we’ve prided ourselves on the excellent service that we provide. You will have this on tap and fully available to pass onto your customers.

Training and education: we’ll help you and your staff to make the most of i2B connect and provide relevant training.

Marketing and business development tools: as well as the benefits you receive from selling an extremely strong, respected and valued brand, we provide you with a range of initiatives and tools to help you win new business, including partner branding; help, advice and support in delivering your seminars and events; campaign templates and resources for customer communications; product promotional materials such as brochures, leaflets and templates.

A highly competitive margin, business rules and benefits package: we’ll provide a competitive benefits package to help you win business and reap the rewards.

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