LGC Group i2B Supplier Onboarding

LGC Group Improves Supplier Onboarding, ESG, Net-Zero, Sustainability, and Risk Management With i2B

May 2022 – i2B is extremely proud to announce that LGC Group will be going live in June 2022 with i2B’s Supplier Onboarding tool across their 38 sites globally in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

i2B will help improve onboarding efficiencies whilst providing improved visibility and analysis across LGC’s supplier base.

Nicholas Woolever, Vice President Group Procurement LGC Group said “i2B is a critical element of our digitization strategy. i2B will help the LGC Group support our Supplier Onboarding, ESG, Net-Zero, Sustainability, and Risk Management analysis going forward. It’s great to have all of our supplier data stored consistently and encrypted securely in one place. We’ve been able to get i2B up and running very quickly allowing our procurement teams to be able to focus on the higher value aspects of supplier management. Rather than manual, time-consuming administrative challenges.”

i2B will help LGC Group with its supplier’s ESG strategies, Net Zero, Sustainability, and Risk Assessment analysis globally. i2B supplier onboarding is available in 7 different languages out of the box, meaning global implementations and ROI can be achieved rapidly.

Phil Tompkinson, Technical Director from i2B said “Companies today are being held accountable for more than just their financials. Business leaders are being pushed to show real impact and deliver on sustainability factors such as ESG commitments and Net-Zero. Neglecting sustainability can lead to customer pushback, damage to their brand, and higher staff turnover. We at i2B are helping manage the total environmental impact of our client’s businesses. Not just helping manage and reduce the impact of their direct operations but also that of all of their suppliers and those suppliers’ suppliers. We’re very happy that LGC has chosen i2B and look forward to our business partnership growing over the next 12 months and beyond.”

About i2B

We help automate internal requisitioning and approval workflows, RFP, RFQ (external multi / single supplier requests), supplier onboarding, contract Management, supplier and purchase order management through our SaaS (software as a service) Supplier Onboarding  and Purchase to Pay portal.

i2B can streamline your procurement and financial processes and help your organization cut costs, increase efficiency and reduce risk. i2B is a SaaS cloud based procure to pay solution that can be used across all businesses, with any ERP system of any size.

About LGC Group

We are a leading, global life science tools company, providing mission-critical components and solutions into high-growth application areas across the human healthcare and applied market segments. Our high quality product portfolio is comprised of mission-critical tools for genomic analysis and for quality assurance applications, which are typically embedded and recurring within our customers’ products and workflows and are valued for their performance, quality and range.

Our tools play a key role in customer workflows from discovery applications through to commercial manufacture and enable its customers to: bring new diagnostics and therapies to market; progress research and development; optimise food production; and continuously monitor and enhance the quality of food, the environment and consumer products.

LGC’s 175+ years of scientific heritage, combined with a track record of innovation and value-enhancing acquisitions, has enabled the company to build its product portfolio and expertise, and develop deep relationships with customers, industry partners and the global scientific community.th

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