Infor M3 Purchase To Pay Solution That Increases Efficiency & Productivity

Purchase to Pay for Infor M3

Your M3 Purchase To Pay Process Is Plagued With Inefficiencies, Errors & Risks

From maverick spending to manual processing, the door is wide open for any number of issues to come through, and they regularly do. Having worked with many companies using M3 over the past 20 years, we know many of the pain points that our clients face and with i2B Infor M3 Purchase to Pay we aim to address these.

i2B Addresses Pain Points In The M3 Purchase To Pay Cycle

Requisitions - Direct and Indirect Spend

You maybe experiencing delays are caused by working out the approval process, chasing a response from the approver or approvers, and manually approving the requisition to manually entering the purchase order or RFQ into M3.

Vendor Change Request

Requisition Module Benefits


A requirement to source a product or service may require an RFQ (request for quotation). The Procurement department will initiate an RFQ which can be for a specific vendor or a multitude, who will respond with their quote, pricing, lead times, terms and associated details.

RFQ Module Benefits

RFQ List

Purchase Orders / Free To Use Supplier Portal

i2B fully integrates with your Purchase Orders in M3. You maybe be in the dark as to if the vendor has actually viewed a PO. Any changes made at either end also cause delays as the waiting time to acknowledge, approve or decline drags on. A free to use portal for your suppliers to view and action your purchase orders is included in your M3 Purchase to pay solution.

Purchase Order Module Benefits

Goods Received

The vendor will send the requested goods and issue an advanced shipping note. Well at least they are supposed to, but you will often receive goods with no identification as well as missing documents like quality assurance certificates. If goods haven’t arrived then trying to track where it is causes unnecessary stress and confusion.

Automatic Shipping Notification Module Benefits

Invoice Management

The finance department verifies the invoice alongside the purchase order and receiving document, before processing the invoice and releasing payment. Unfortunately discrepancies often show up when comparing the invoice, the purchase order and the delivered goods. Invoices also create issues on their own, when they are sent ahead of the goods being received, or when they fail to reference the original purchase order.

Invoice Overview

Invoice Management Module Benefits

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