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i2B have entered the Xero app marketplace

Who is Xero?

Xero is one of the world’s fastest growing accountancy software.  Founded in 2006, It was launched to change the game for small businesses and is now helping over 700,000 customers worldwide. And, according to Xero, they’re only just getting started!  In 2014 and 2015, Forbes identified Xero as the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company.

Proven track record

At i2B Limited,we recognise there are the same pressures put on smaller companies as there are on large global companies, such as our clients Weir Group and Princes,  so we knew that the benefits of having software like i2B Connect would be welcomed by Xero time-challenged users also. We therefore needed to address this gap in the market, and roll out a version of our software that would help smaller, agile businesses solve their own fire fighting and admin when it came to dealing with suppliers.

The i2B Supplier Portal was developed with input from both Xero and a select group of Xero users and after running a successful pilot scheme is now available within the official Xero app marketplace. 

Other Xero App providers have already been in touch with i2B to enhance their own Xero Apps, including Approval Max who see i2B as the perfect partner to their Xero purchase order creation and approval software.

There are many useful tools and Apps within Xero’s marketplace, however we recognised a need for an App that put supplier management at the heart of it.  There was clearly a need for something to help with all the transactions and communication within the purchase to pay process.  Having discovered that there were plenty of Apps for invoicing, time tracking, CRMs and Debtor Tracking, there was not an App that joined the supply chain together.  This is where i2B Supplier Portal steps in.  We use the same intuitive technology that we use for our larger customers but in a ‘bite size’ app that works for Xero customers” says Phil Tompkinson, i2B’s Technical Director.

How does it work?

When a purchase order has been raised in Xero, it automatically appears in the i2B Supplier Portal  – and that is all you need to do, no need to chase suppliers to confirm they have received it, that they are happy with the price / delivery information, and if you change any details there is no need to reissue. The i2B supplier portal will alert your suppliers to everything, it will also inform you of any changes that your might request. Being proactive in the business world is key and the more information you have from your suppliers, the better it is for your customers at the end of the day.

How will my company benefit?

Suppliers are provided access so that they can have full ‘self service’.  From alerting to changes in delivery or arrival times, through to overdue alerts being sent to the client automatically.  Overall it all cuts down on the unnecessary phone calls, emails and tail-chasing that typically goes on within purchasing and supplier management teams.

It contains all documents, purchase orders, delivery and shipping information as well as contact lists, and has an intuitive dashboard showing where your purchase is within the supplier chain at any given stage. This in itself offers full transparency and real time information.


 “Xero’s i2B Supplier Portal will help bring smaller companies in line with best practice methodologies.  Companies are moving towards transparency, Lean  methodology and traceability within their businesses.  i2B Limited puts that at the heart of any software we deliver and the i2B Supplier Portal is an excellent example of that” says Phil Tompkinson.

To get a free trial of the  i2B Supplier Portal click here.  

Visit Xero.com for more information about Xero.

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