Centrica Storage (CSL) selects i2B Connect to improve information flow through their Supply Chain

Relying previously on manual time-consuming processes, the UK’s largest gas storage company, Centrica Storage Limited (CSL), has selected i2B Connect to enhance their purchase-to-pay lifecycle with their suppliers.

Cloud based software i2B Connect will be fully integrated with their SAP system, helping them to automatically communicate with their supply chain. This move will massively assist in ensuring that key suppliers are fully aware of requirements in supplying materials to meet the demands of a business that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CSL will also be using i2B Connect for their service purchasing, with their service suppliers entering their service updates in real time. This will vastly improve CSL’s synchronisation with suppliers, ensuring that suppliers are paid on time with fewer queries to manage.

North East based i2B Limited were chosen to work with CSL in this way because it allows Centrica Storage to see a return on their investment extremely quickly. i2B does this by allowing CSL to on-board suppliers quickly, with their cloud based software and simple walk up interface; it reduces unnecessary communications with their suppliers and buyers; and it means they can automate their service entry, and minimise the amount of time spent manually processing and invoice matching.

More Streamlined

Garry Brigham, Centrica Storage SAP Project Manager, has said that “i2B Connect will make our whole procure to pay process more streamlined and efficient. i2B Connect technology is crucial to an organisation like ours. We need to keep leading the way to meet our key business objectives with the latest initiatives. i2B Connect will help us achieve these goals.”

Phil Tompkinson, Technical Director at i2B, has commented that “We’re delighted to be working with a company like Centrica Storage, the leader in their field.  We’re starting to see more organisations realising the benefits of integrating purchase-to-pay software into their business operations, and our software offering is going from strength to strength.

“We can’t wait to see the fantastic results that implementation of our i2B Connect software will provide for Centrica Storage.”

Centrica Storage Limited (CSL) operate the largest gas storage facility in the UK, which represents more than 70% of the UK’s current storage capacity, and stores natural gas for customers which include utilities companies, gas traders and gas producers.

Their key priorities are to maintain the highest possible health, safety and environmental standards in both their onshore and offshore operations both of which are set to be aided hugely by the introduction of i2B software to the business.

i2B Connect is a leading purchase to pay software solution, which was started back in 1999, and now supports over 20,000 users globally.

Designed to be a better way for people to communicate within the supply chain, i2B Connect makes every step of the purchasing process much more easily accessible and effective. Working to improve the lives of IT Managers, Purchasing Managers and Finance Directors through their innovative solutions to operational challenges, i2B Connect is an award winning team set to continue their global growth throughout 2017.

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