Availability of 3rd Party systems for your supply chain operation

May 2022 Availability of 3rd Party Systems for your supply chain

Outsouring your supply chain needs to a 3rd party provider can be a cost effective way of doing business. Featuring smooth integration tools and with many software programs hosted in the cloud, the increased value and reduced cost benefits many businesses. 


While 3rd party systems may first appear as a slick solution to procurement, ordering, and payment processes, they can leave companies wondering what that means in terms of reliability. Having a solid basis for supply chain processes is at the core of operational success, and the mis-management of one link in the chain could cause disastrous consequences.


However, working with 3rd party providers can actually give increased visibility into areas like inventory levels, compliance and lead times. Management solutions can help to increase supply chain visibility and automate functions that will have the most benefit to the organisation. Reduction of pay cycle times and discrepancy management helps companies to better manage their expenditure and cash flow, and easy onboarding of customers and suppliers reduces friction at the start of the business relationship. 


Outsourcing important payment and supply chain tasks can be daunting, and there is a perceived potential for risk and exposure. But for companies that wish to achieve business excellence and limit the expense of developing internal systems, using a 3rd party provider can be an operational necessity.


For many companies, adopting 3rd party systems can bring uncertainty, even with the obvious advantages that external providers supply, there may still be questions around dependability and reliaility. Software systems that perform a large number of processes require substantial data storage capabilities, advanced reporting tools, and the ability to allow multiple users access information simultaneously. 


This can all be a big drain on resources and business leaders are all too aware of the ripple effect that could be caused by a systems inaccessibility or failure to successfully perform correctly.  Damage would not only extend to the business, its clients and suppliers, but there could be far-reaching impacts from things like illegal third-party actions. 


For this reason, many organisations invest a huge amount in researching their 3rd party providers to mitigate risk, ensure compliance in all business activities, and verify that regulatory or legal standards are met. Fortunately, most concerns are addressed during the sourcing and engagement of external providers, and on the flip side, there are huge benefits from using Saas or cloud-based systems to manage operational tasks. 


A large number of 3rd party businesses are experts in their field with skilled staff and highly trained managers that can oversee processes. They are also able to cover a larger geographic range than an on-site team, which can be useful for business that operate globally, or who wish to expand into new territories. 


This is all based upon the premise that the necessary software, dashboards, and interfaces are available and accessible at all times. Companies that rely on such systems to perform operational tasks will need to be assured that their data, procurement, and payment tools are dependable, and service level guarantees are frequently provided by 3rd party businesses to prove reliability and supply uptime data. 


In addition, there is often financial compensation offered by 3rd party providers who are confident in their systems to guarantee a specific level of service to customers. This compensation is frequently in the form of credits and provides companies with solid performance data that may be reviewed to confirm uptime and availability. 


With supply chain software being the lynchpin of daily operations, and responsible for the financial health of the business, having actual data that highlights the dependability and availability to users, can stave off any questions or doubts about the reliability and performance of the 3rd party software, and demonstrate the companies ability to maintain important systems. 

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