Case Study: Princes Food

The Company

Princes is a UK household name – it’s the number one importer and one of the leading suppliers of Canned Foods within the UK, leading the market for Canned Fish, Canned Meat and sandwich solutions.

Used by millions of people in the UK every day. It also has an expanding business across mainland Europe, supplying a portfolio of market leading brands. It’s also the UK’s third largest supplier of Soft Drinks.


Princes Limited is part of the Princes Group which deals with over 150 suppliers across forty countries every day. Princes employs over 3,000 people across many sites in the UK, Holland and Mauritius.

The Problem

Like many organisations, Princes was locked in a cycle of raising orders on their back office (SAP R/3) system as well as printing and faxing orders, confirming orders by telephone, emailing spreadsheets to track amendments and, finally, manual acceptance of the order.  A whole lot of processing was going on and taking up a lot of time and expense from the staff they had running it all!

The whole supply chain process was performing inefficiently; constant fire-fighting was preventing buyers from fulfilling their main objectives.

Princes needed a solution that would streamline their business processes and increase visibility to their global supplier network.

The Solution

Princes needed a slick purchase to pay software solution that would integrate with its rapidly expanding SAP R/3 system. i2B was selected due to how easily and quickly it could be integrated to help Princes communicate more efficiently with its worldwide network of suppliers and shipping partners.

One of the many major benefits of implementing i2B Connect is that Princes now has an efficient, standardised IT platform that is used throughout the Group. Their information is up-to-date, uniformly structured, accurate and accessible to all who are authorised to use it.


Princes can also manage delivery of purchase orders and contracts through creation and change management. It can also arrange online order approval by Vendors and shipping confirmation updates from 3rd party global transport companies. All of this allows for much tighter control and monitoring of very complex procedures and processes.

Princes Food Testimonial

The main business benefits gained to us are on the dramatically reduced time to process purchase orders and shipment confirmations – i2B have been excellent

Princes Food

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